Sun Streaming through Farmhouse Window - Naples, Canandaigua Lake

Naples, Canandaigua Lake – Farmhouse Window

Afternoon light streaming through a farmhouse window near Canandaigua Lake in the Finger Lakes. Clear and delicate the sunlight in the Finger Lakes part of New York has a characteristic gentleness. Water in the air from the lake, and the northern climate, softens the summer sun. Giving the photograph an early 20th Century feel to it the light hearkens Stieglitz interiors from his summer house in Lake George.

Tree and Orange Brick Warehouse at Sunset - Red Hook, Brooklyn

Red Hook, Brooklyn – Tree and Warehouse

Shimmering warmth from the late afternoon sunset, a young tree presents bright green leaves in this landscape photograph from Red Hook, Brooklyn. Presenting, in front of an orange brick warehouse wall, a remnant of the neighborhood’s industrial history, the tree is incongruous and imminent. It is a contrast of a waning context opposite a symbol of emergence.

Ferry Entering the Atlantic Basin from the Buttermilk Channel at Sunset - Red Hook, New York

Red Hook, New York – Ferry Entering the Atlantic Basin

As the sun sets a passenger ferry sails into the Atlantic Basin from the Buttermilk Channel in Red Hook, Brooklyn in this landscape photograph. The Atlantic Basin was built in the first half of the 19th century to support the shipping of goods from the Erie Canal to the rest of the world. Falling into disuse as the New York waterfront business faded, the Atlantic Basin saw resurgence with freight as part of the Red Hook Container Terminal and recently supporting the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. Although, it is unlikely that New York will ever become the great shipping port that it once was, the Atlantic Basin shows an echo of those days in its current capacity.

Man Reading by the Gowanus Canal with the Williamsburg Savings Bank Tower - Gowanus, Brooklyn

Gowanus, Brooklyn – Canal and Williamsburg Savings Bank Tower

Landscape photograph of a man reading by the Gowanus Canal at sunset. Brilliantly lit in the background, the Williamsburg Bank tower glows against a clear sky. Once one a great engines of Brooklyn’s industrial and commerce economy, the bank was taken over by Republic Bank and then HSBC.
In the last century, one of the most polluted waterways in the country, the Gowanus Canal has been much improved from the days where it was frequently Day-Glo colored from chemicals being dumped from the industries that lined its banks. On the right of the photograph, calmly reading in late afternoon by a significantly cleaner Gowanus, the man symbolizes a changed vision of the role that Brooklyn now plays in the life of New York City.