Photographs of the radicalism of daily life

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The development of the concept of the individual as an autonomous political entity is one of the greatest philosophical achievements of our species. A gift of the classical Greeks, it has become a significant cornerstone of the intellectual development of Western civilization. These terrifyingly brilliant ancients’ development of individualism was as absolutely revolutionary 2,500 years ago as it is today. The photographs from this portfolio are of regular people in regular situations who, through simply living, take responsibility for the definition of their own lives and thereby, their society. In this manner, these common people reaffirm the heroic political radicalism of the individual.

Subjects of the photographs are found in settings that emphasize the interaction between themselves and objects that elicit a cultural and historical context. They are affected by the location while, at the same time, provoking an impact on the framework through participating within it. As such, living one’s live becomes a political act. The photographs attempt to explore the domain of personal representation and the struggle for meaning within culture and history amid ordinary environments.