Photographs of tranquility of sea, sky, and boats

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There is a tranquility looking at the water. The vastness of the image space, the line of the horizon, and the sight of boats moving across the surface brings a sense of peace and quietude. Photographs of the emptiness of the watery spaces allow for a visual simplification hard to find on the land. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that frequently many of us find ourselves at the water’s edge for times of rest and relaxation.

Sea, boats, and sky are the photographic elements of these simple scenes. The interactions of these stripped down elements can create complex tensions and resolves against the backdrop of stillness. Position in the frame, implied motion, color contrasts, and implied anthropomorphic contents reference emotive contents and ideas that have little to do with sea, boat, or sky.

The photographs become stories of relationships and human interactions as we bring our emotions and ideas to the photographs. There are dissonances and harmonies that enhance and emphasize our visual experience. Whether with a camera or standing on a beach and gazing from the shore, the drama of the emptiness is about our own psychological processes. The vista of the seascape allows our minds a mirror like free play to become what is seen.